Best Second Hand Tyres

We know the significance of saving money and obtaining an RWC Certificate. We also know that the cost of tyres is increasing, making it more challenging to maintain car tyres daily. To simplify things, we provide new and Second hand tyres near me at competitive pricing.

Discover Quality Used Tyres in Melbourne 

Does your car need new wheels or any other car parts Melbourne, but the cost of premium new rubber has you baulking? Second hand rims and tyres offer substantial savings over new while still delivering plenty of safe km if you buy second hand wheels and tyres from a reputable seller like Ayazi Auto Parts. So you don’t need to search for “Second hand tires near me” or “Best car tires near me”. As a licensed dealer of second hand wheels Melbourne, we supply pre-owned tyres and rims in roadworthy Condition following rigorous inspections by our tyre specialists.

How We Source Reliable Used Tyres

Ayazi Auto Parts handpicks all our secondhand tyres from parts recyclers for those who search “used tyres near me”, dealership trade-ins, and private sale vehicles being decommissioned. We are the best second hand tyres shop in Melbourne as we avoid unreliable sources like auctions. Whether tyres second hand or new each gets thoroughly checked against the following criteria by our team:

  • Tread Depth – minimum 3mm depth remains
  • Wear Patterns – passes alignment and balance assessments
  • Interior Condition – structurally sound with no separations
  • Sidewalls – free of cracks, bulges, or defects
  • Age – under eight years from date of manufacture

We have retread tyres and the tyres that don’t pass get rejected. Units deemed roadworthy become available for sale graded from “Excellent to Good” Condition. With strict standards, we ensure every used old tyre meets integrity and safety benchmarks at big markdowns off new equivalents.

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Big Brand Names at Discounted Prices

Through selective procurement, Ayazi Auto Parts stocks best second hand car parts like used tyres from leading manufacturers like Michelin, Bridgestone, Pirelli, Toyo, and more with plenty of tread lifespan. At sizable discounts, you gain premium branding and materials without excessive wear and tear. For common-year models, we catalogue used tyres across passenger, 4X4, commercial vans, and light trucks. Please browse our website or warehouse which have the best second hand tyres near me to locate deals on your hard-to-find used tyre size often unattainable new.

Professional Fitting Services Available

Alongside used tyre or cheap second hand tyre near me for sale, we offer professional mounting, balancing and replacement services executed at our Richmond facility conveniently. Our specialised tire technicians leverage precision hunter equipment so installations meet strict tolerances for ride comfort and vehicle handling and reduce uneven wear down the road. No trainees handle your wheel alignments – experienced staff only. This ensures artistry guaranteed to get the most extended usable mileage from your second hand tyres.

Give your ride an affordable refresh and get rolling out our warehouse doors on quality used tyres or second hand tyres and other parts like car exhaust systems, car batteries and more! Call us at 03 9359 0071 for any queries on our used tyre and rim range, grading classifications, or fitting services.

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