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Searching for “car wiper blades near me”. Get peak visibility in every season and weather condition with fresh high-performance windshield wiper blades from Ayazi Auto Parts. As a leading importer and distributor of Melbourne car parts accessories for many years, we supply windscreen wipers from trusted brands for unparalleled quality and durability. Read below to learn about our wide catalogue of car wiper blades now available at affordable prices!

Wiper Blade Products

With one of Victoria’s largest ranges, we stock windscreen wiper blades size and mounts for nearly all passenger vehicles registered in Australia. Our catalogue includes:

  • Beam blades: Aerodynamic frameless winter blades
  • Hybrid blades: Graphite coated for smooth wipe
  • Conventional blades: Affordable and reliable
  • Rear wiper blades: For hatchback/SUV/van rear windshield wipers 
  • Wiper blade refills: Replacement rubber inserts

Our team can advise the ideal blade type and size for your automobile’s windshield dimensions and wiper configuration.

Unmatched Quality and Durability

The window wipers we supply are constructed from durable metals and high-grade rubber that withstand sun, wind, rain and other elements. Beam style blades contour along the curve of windshield glass for consistent contact across the swipe. Hybrid models have a graphite coating to prevent sticky friction and chatter and also latest wiper refills with compact storage. While affordable basic blades offer reliable wiping for fair weather driving. Every car wiper from our auto parts melbourne warehouse is quality tested for smooth, uniform window wiping that greatly enhances wet weather visibility and safety.

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Specialized Installation Services

Alongside best wiper blades Australia, we offer professional window wiper blade installation, replacement and fitting done right at our warehouse by expert technicians. Our step-by-step wiper 

replacement process includes:

  1. Assessing current blade condition for wear and damage
  2. Matching new replacement blades for precise vehicle fit
  3. Safely removing old blades from wiper arms
  4. Installing and securely fastening newly purchased blades
  5. Testing operation by engaging wipers

We will properly dispose of old blades and provide guidance on getting the longest usable life from your fresh wipers. Let us upgrade your windshield wiping for crystal clarity in every season. Check out our other products like car exhaust systems, cleaning brush and other products.

Extend Your Wiper Blades’ Working Life

To prolong the operational lifespan of your car wiper blades, consider adopting a few simple maintenance practices. First and foremost, keep your windscreen clean on a regular basis to avoid debris buildup, which can prematurely wear down the blades. To carefully clean dirt and grime, use a soft cloth and a light detergent for the car wiper blades. Furthermore, keep in mind that operating the wipers on a dry windscreen might cause friction and harm to the rubber. Instead, activate the wipers when the windshield is wet to ensure smooth and efficient operation.

Inspect the car wiper blades regularly for signs of wear, such as cracks or tears in the rubber. If any damage is detected, promptly replace the blades to maintain optimal visibility during adverse weather conditions. Furthermore, during winter months, lift the wiper blades away from the windshield to prevent them from freezing to the glass. This precautionary measure helps avoid potential damage when starting the vehicle in icy conditions.

Our qualified technicians can provide tips custom for your vehicle to help extend the working lifecycle of new car wiper blades. This includes cleaning edges maintaining the blades’ profile, using washer fluid to prevent stuck-on buildup, avoiding pulling blades forcibly off the windshield, and not leaving blades activated when not in use during dry weather. With aware handling and care, you can minimise premature cracking, stripping and wear.

Let our team assess when yours need replacing and introduce you to longer-lasting options for every weather need. 

Ready for crystal clear, streak-free visibility enhanced by smooth new wiper blades? Call Ayazi Auto Parts at 03 9359 0071 or write to with any product or service queries today!

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