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Buy Latest Apple Car Play Head Unit At AyaziAutoParts

apple car play head unit

If you want the newest technology for your car’s entertainment system, an Apple CarPlay head unit is a great substitute. Apple CarPlay allows you to safely access your iPhone’s apps and services through your car’s infotainment screen. CarPlay allows you to do many things, like play music, send and receive texts, use Siri voice control, access Apple Maps for directions, and much more.

Ayaz Auto Parts has an extensive assortment of aftermarket head units compatible with Apple CarPlay. Your driving experience and commute can be improved by selecting the ideal CarPlay stereo. For your needs, the following advice will help you choose the finest CarPlay head unit:

Consider Screen Size

Your car’s touchscreen will show your iPhone’s interface thanks to Apple CarPlay. As a result, the intended screen size should be considered initially. Screen sizes for CarPlay stereos typically range from 6 to 10 inches. The right size will depend on your budget and the available space in your dash. Though they could cost more, larger screens provide more space to see CarPlay content.

Ensure Compatibility

Make sure the head unit you select is made especially for the kind and model of your car. You can quickly locate a stereo at Ayazi Auto Parts that is guaranteed to fit your car’s wiring harness and dash opening ideally. Entering your vehicle information on our site will filter CarPlay stereos that are guaranteed to work with your factory setup.

Focus on Safety Features

Apple CarPlay’s ability to reduce driver distraction is one of its main advantages. Put safety first while choosing a new CarPlay receiver. Look for features like capacitive touchscreens that allow “eyes-free” operation. Steering wheel controls, voice commands, and Siri integration also limit distraction. Avoid overly cluttered screens with tiny buttons and controls.

Consider Sound Quality

While the CarPlay interface is the highlight, you still want a quality sound system. Among the features to search for are an equalizer, high-definition screen, built-in amplifier, and high-quality speakers. High-end audio products like Pioneer, Kenwood, Alpine, JVC, and Sony are well known. If the output power of the stereo is low, you can also install aftermarket amplifiers and speakers.

Add Navigation

CarPlay uses Apple Maps for navigation. However, some aftermarket CarPlay stereos also come with integrated navigation software. This provides you with a backup plan if you decide against using the data connection on your phone just for GPS purposes. Not using CarPlay also allows the built-in navigation to function flawlessly.

Shop Top Brands

A good CarPlay experience is guaranteed if you stay with big stereo manufacturers like Pioneer, Kenwood, JVC, Alpine, Sony, or Boss. These brands have the best value, compatibility, sound quality, and feature combinations. Our Melbourne auto store offers affordable CarPlay head unit installation so you can drive with the latest technology as soon as possible.

Apple CarPlay at AyaziAutoParts

Here at AyaziAutoParts, we make upgrading to Apple CarPlay simple and cost-effective. As one of Melbourne’s leading independent auto parts retailers, we offer:

There is a vast selection of CarPlay stereos for all popular vehicle makes and models

Guaranteed compatibility and fitment for your car. All major brands like Pioneer, Kenwood, JVC, Alpine, and more Competitive pricing with a price match guarantee Fast shipping and easy returns. Professional installation services at our Melbourne shop

Expert staff to answer all your CarPlay questions. 

Give your driving experience a modern upgrade with an Apple CarPlay receiver from Ayazi Auto Parts. Please browse our selection online or visit our Melbourne store to find your vehicle’s perfect CarPlay head unit. Our welcoming staff is prepared to assist you in embracing the CarPlay revolution! Our welcoming staff is ready to help you with embracing the CarPlay revolution!

Kenwood DMX7706S CarPlay Receiver

For a larger screen, we recommend the Kenwood DMX7706S. It has a 6.8-inch touchscreen that is Apple CarPlay-ready. Sharpness is maintained on the screen thanks to the anti-glare and anti-fingerprint coating. You can connect external media devices using an HDMI input. Additionally, Bluetooth is integrated for hands-free calling and music streaming.

We provide a large assortment of aftermarket head units with Apple CarPlay compatibility. Selecting the ideal CarPlay stereo can improve your driving pleasure and increase the enjoyment of your commute. These pointers can help you identify the perfect CarPlay head unit for your requirements. Steering wheel controls, Siri voice commands, and voice dial enhance safety and convenience. This stereo fits most domestic and imported cars.

JVC KW-V850BT CarPlay Stereo

JVC is another trusted name in car audio technology. The KW-V850BT digital media receiver features a 6.8″ touchscreen optimized for CarPlay and Android Auto. The user-friendly design lets you quickly access navigation, music, calls, texts, and many features. Wireless music streaming and hands-free calling are also made possible by built-in Bluetooth.

With features including high and low pass filters, digital signal processing, and a 3-stage bass enhancement, this JVC stereo improves your listening experience. Adjust the visually pleasant LED lights to blend perfectly with your vehicle’s interior lighting. 

Receivers for CarPlay: Alpine iLX-107

The Alpine iLX-107 has a sophisticated mech-less design that is worth considering. There are no mechanical buttons on this 7″ floating display CarPlay receiver. The svelte capacitive touchscreen looks great inside contemporary cars. For unparalleled convenience, you may connect your iPhone wirelessly with the help of wireless CarPlay technology. Inbuilt SiriusXM tuner, HD Radio, and Bluetooth are also included. High-quality components deliver excellent audio reproduction. While expensive, this Alpine receiver offers one of the most sophisticated and customizable CarPlay experiences.

Upgrade to Apple CarPlay

As you can see, Ayaz Auto Parts offers a wide range of Apple CarPlay head units to enhance your driving experience. With large touchscreens, superior sound, and abundant features, our stereos allow you to get the most out of CarPlay. We guarantee compatibility, easy installation, and competitive pricing on all major car stereo brands.

The high-resolution display produces bright colors and clarity. You can alter the button illumination color to blend in with the inside of your automobile. Your car’s rear camera and steering wheel controls are compatible with the iLX-107. 

To get the ideal CarPlay receiver for your car, stop by our Melbourne store or browse our online selection. Our helpful staff is here to assist you with any questions. You may get the best in-car connectivity by purchasing a CarPlay radio from us. Upgrade today!

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